DIGITALIEN are stepping into book publishing. We are in no way looking at competing with the big publishers out there we are just looking at supporting the genres we are interested in and supporting new up and coming authors.

We will be posting submission guidelines shortly.


HORROR AND THOSE WHO CAUSED IT takes a look at some of the most horrific acts known to man, from Charles Manson and ‘The Family’ murdering pregnant starlet Sharon Tate, a look at the 51-day siege on the Branch Davidians compound in Waco Texas.

And closer to home the 1994 Bain Family Murders where 22-year old son David was prosecuted of the murders only to be acquitted in 2009, a look at the Port Arthur Massacre, the story of Katherine Knight who killed her husband and cooked body parts for dinner and no book is complete without Australia’s Most Notorious Serial Killer Ivan Milat.

HORROR AND THOSE WHO CAUSED IT is an eye opening, thought provoking and chilling reference book for any serious true crime collector.

Available from December 2017

Misanthropy Claire Fitzpatrick

Thirteen stories. Thirteen tales of terror. Puberty. Paranormal. Exile. Torture. Telekinesis. Incest. Disfiguration. Dismemberment. Of these stories, three are original to the collection.

All others published in magazines including Midnight Echo, Breach, and Disturbed Digest, with ‘Madeline’ included in ‘Dead Of Night: The Best Of Midnight Echo.’

Featuring: ‘Madeline’, ‘Eat’, ‘The Eagle’, ‘Thorne House’, ‘The Beach”, ‘The Dog’, ‘Andromeda’, ‘Pauli’, ‘Synthetic’, ‘Happy Birthday, Ebony’, ‘Yellow Death’, ‘Deck The Walls’, ‘Deep Sea Fishing’.

Available from January 2018